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Clans, Leaderboards, Group Achievements and much more!

Simplify multiplayer gamification development.

Define and track individual and team; Achievements, Challenges, Resources and Rewards.

Integrate clan and team structures to make your games cooperative.

SUGAR is designed for adding multiplayer interaction layer on top of new and existing games and digital resources.

At it’s heart SUGAR brings other people into the game, not just to compete with, but to cooperate with. The APIs and system is designed from the ground up to facilitate a wide variety of team play dynamics. From sharing goals and achievements, to sharing resources and inventories, SUGAR makes it possible to turn a one-person experience into a team experience.

For fans of competitive dynamics, SUGAR provides a substantial set of tournaments and matchmaking dynamics that can operate on the individual or between team levels.

For fans of cooperative dynamics, SUGAR provides shared goals, resources and achievements, providing the perfect platform for games that require collaboration between players.

For fans of simplified development, SUGAR provides a method of defining the game logic and gamification aspects like achievements in an accessible way so as a developer you can use the same system on your chosen platfrom, Simply write your achievements, skills or leaderboards once in SUGAR and use them on iOS, Android, PC and Console.

Cross platform, full integration across mobile and web devices


What’s in the box?

Clans, Leaderboards, Group Achievements and much more!


Encourage individual and groups of players to explore and experiment with features they may not have used or to play the game entirely differently.


SUGAR action services collects all the events and actions carried out by the player and stores them for you to provide detailed game analytics.


Groups allows you to put two or more players together, perfect for creating team play or clans.


SUGAR lets you create in-game objectives for individual or groups of players to complete, skills provide information about players’ abilities and proficiency to complete tasks, reward players for achieving skill milestones and ultimately increase player collaboration and engagement.


SUGAR provides a generalised method of transporting all the players’ items and inventories from one environment to another.

Shared Inventories

Group items and inventories can provide interesting cooperative game dynamics.


Orthogonal matchmaking, allowing players who may be weak in one area to be matched with others who may be strong in that domain and vice versa.


Create friendships with other player, join groups and form alliances and introduce new challenges, leaderboards and improve the community in your game


A variety of leaderboards, from straightforward single player or team based leaderboards perfect who those who love competition, to cooperative leaderboards, designed to increase collaboration.