Game Development Features


Achievements provide a simple way to increase players’ engagement. You can use them to encourage individual or groups of players to explore and experiment with features they may not have used or to play the game entirely differently.

Enhancing gameplay

Achievements can provide an interesting way for players to compare their gameplay, good for competition. Group achievements allows teams to collaborate to achieve collective outcome, good for cooperation.

A smarter solution than Google, Apple, PSN and Steam.

Plenty of the big players like Google, Apple, Sony and Valve’s Steam provide achievements, but with SUGAR you’ll only need to create achievements once and use them on iOS, Android, PC and Console. You also get group achievements, unique for making games more cooperative.


Actions are events carried out by the player, they allow you to store player action data which can then be used to provide detailed game analytics. SUGAR uses  RAGE  to  allows you to track and record just about anything in your games.

Meaningful player tracking data

SUGAR uses RAGE to allows you to record and track player data within your games, actions such as when a player uses a specific item, performs a specific action or wins/looses over another player during a match.

All the benefits of XAPI

Actions are stored in XAPI format, which means that any system using XAPI can use them to feedback on the game and help improve the player experience. For example, you can change the level of difficulty in a particular level if too many players are failing to complete it.


Groups allows you to put two or more players together, perfect for creating team play or clans. Groups help develop cooperative games, where players work together to reach certain objectives, even though groups may be in competition with each other.

Out of the box clans, guilds and team play

From clash of clans to learning games in classrooms, games are more fun when played with other people. SUGAR provides the structure to create, organise and set group objectives and outcomes.

Industry standard group management tools

SUGAR allows you to integrate industry standard group management features into your games, build games like clash of clans or manage teams in your next call of duty.


Effortlessly moving between mobile and desktop environments within a game means taking everything with you. SUGAR provides a generalised method of transporting all the players’ items and inventories from one environment to another.

Item management

Resources are a main-staple of gameplay. Portable resources provide an interesting way for players to share their in-game resources. Group resource allows teams to collaborate to achieve collective outcome, good for cooperation.

Group shared items and inventories

Group items and inventories can provide interesting cooperative game dynamics. Which player will use up all the groups’ power, who brings in the most mana, will the players share to win?


A variety of leaderboards, from straightforward single player or team based leaderboards perfect who those who love competition, to cooperative leaderboards, designed to increase collaboration..

Cooperative leaderboards

Cooperative leaderboards can be used to direct teams or groups of players to focus on particular skills or achievements rather than simply competing with each other. In cooperative leaderboards the individual player’s score only contributes to the overall group tasks, helping individuals direct their efforts in a team.


Whilst many game services out there are provide some match making, often matching is done purely for competitive reasons, matching players on ability, when it comes to applied games or learning games and cooperative games, simply matching the best player with other players is not a great strategy for supporting all the players.

Orthogonal Matchmaking

SUGAR provides orthogonal matchmaking, allowing players who may be weak in one area to be matched with others who may be strong in that domain and vice versa. In effect, acting as a good teacher would to provide opportunity for stronger students to coach weaker students.


Skills allow you to track players’ proficiency or abilities. You can use them to track key skills the game teaches.

Continuous Tracking

SUGAR is constantly updating data for players’ progress towards skills, providing teachers, and players direction on how to improve.

Powerful Collaboration

Skills can be created for individuals, but for increased collaboration, SUGAR supports shared skills across players in a group and groups in an alliance, encouraging players to work together towards completing the skill, enhancing communities in games.