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Achievements provide a flexible and simple way to increase user engagement, tracking their actions within and across multiple games. Achievements may be viewed as goals that individual or multiple actors can acquire through meeting one or more criteria.

The criteria is flexible and can be written by the game developer or provided by the platform based on any game specific action. Achievements can be binary or incremental, ie. (complete/not complete) or have levels or percentages of progression toward their completion. They can be global, across all games, or associated with a single game.

Enhancing gameplay

Achievements can provide an interesting way for players to compare their gameplay, good for competition and cooperation. Group achievements allows teams to collaborate to achieve collective outcome.

A smarter solution than Google, Apple, PSN and Steam.

Plenty of the big players like Google, Apple, Sony and Valve’s Steam provide achievements, but with SUGAR you’ll only need to create achievements once and use them in any of these services. You also get group achievements, unique for making games more cooperative.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column]